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BACKGROUND This company exists out of a combined partner ship. The company can be rated as a black empowered panel beating shop. We also make use of BEE suppliers and are grated as an advanced structure repairer panel shop by SAMBRA and RMI nr 400 351. BEE level 3 (three) We are also authorized to conduct repairs on all vehicles that currently comply with SAMBRA, ASR/MSR requirements. The shop makes prevision for employees to participate in courses to encourage them to provide an excellent service towards the public and insurance companies. There for we develop work abilities and our aim are also to educate the new members in the business to be able to send them for trade tests and further development qualifications. The business consists of a service between the public and insurance companies. The insurance companies send us accident damage vehicles for repairs. When finished the owner of the vehicle are informed to collect the vehicle where he signs a letter of satisfaction (release note) where after the insurance companies pays us for the work been done. MAIN PRODUCTS AND SERVICES Automotive body repairs mainly panel beating and spray-painting. We are very competitive especially with new equipment. MANAGEMENT AND BACKGROUND Director Willie Saunders 51% Managing director Joseph Mosana 40% Administrator Petro Saunders 9% CURRENT CONTRACTS Mutual & Federal SAPD Hollard Correctional Services Regent Zurich Alexander Forbes African Independent Auto & General Budget Dial Direct Unity First for Woman FNB Insurance Government Santam King Price and many aothers... FACTORY APPROVALS - PRETORIA GM Mahindra Toyota Suzuki Kia Hyundai Renault Geely Alfa/Fiat Citroen Cherry Renault HUMAN RESOURCES ISSUES Currently Elegant Square Panel beaters consist of 38 permanent employees and will grow. Current personal are well trained and qualified. New employees will be given the opportunity to qualify in trade test in their posts. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT Environment consists of clean workshops, kitchen, toilet and bathroom facilities as well as locker rooms and to keep their spirits high, good music through out the day. The company will provide a braai at the end of each month for the employees. A pool table and gym will be implemented for socializing. Regular competitions will also be held for the best worker of the month. Each employee receives a contract with the companys policy and regulations according to the business. The company is implemented with a disciplinary system that is explained in each employees contract. The company will help to boost the economy by creating more jobs for more people and also safety factor by ensuring that the motor vehicles repaired according to the road safety ordinance. WARRANTY We supply a three year warranty on labour repairs and live long on paint. We also run water base paint system. We are also linked to KA Smart. SUPPLIERS We do have a 30 day account with sum suppliers but currently we work on a cash basis. UNIONS SAMBRA, RMI, MIBCO PLACE Elegant Square Panel beaters are situated in Pretoria North, Gauteng CUSTOMERS Public Insurance Companies No threat to alternative suppliers MARKETING INFORMATION Panel beating industries Repair accident damage vehicles Public and insurance companies Excellent service with grate care THE MARKET Criteria consist of assistance towards insurance companies and public. Market prices competitive / service excellent / quality outstanding / reliability 100% towards work ability. Success already achieved with local customers and insurance brokers. COMPETITION We are currently a black economic empowerment business. We are about to push down all our competitors by creating a better and faster service witch is more affordable to all competitor contenders. Our strategy is to implement modern machinery and well-trained personal to insure that the result is of outstanding quality and excellence. We will succeed by implementing positive attitude, hard work and motivation toward any obstacle that may occur in our way. The shops is equipped with the best modern machinery to enable us to do more and better than our competitors. MARKET ACTIVITIES Advertising by putting up signs and billboards and making contribution to local competitions and sponsorships. Pricing will be competitive. Distributing of good quality work and workmanship towards the public and companies. OPERATIONS AND PRODUCTIONS The implementing of new spray booths insures cost of productions. Gigs equipped with fully hydraulic machinery to ensure fast and accurate working abilities. Prep bay areas equipped with infra red pro cure systems to insure excellent work abilities and most effective use of product supplied. New parts panel replacement and ferment to ensure outstanding quality finish. We are able to handle the workload of at least 50 and more accident damage cars per month per shop. Machinery enquired to ensure good work possibilities, skilled employees, and quarter correct machines with hydraulic potter powers and spray booths dust free. Future plans involved building into a big company, uplifting work standards and job creation.


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