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Execuwash is run by Naieem Hanware. Execuwash was born from Naieem's passion for auto car wash care. Providing good service and attention to detail is of utmost importance to him. With a dedicated team who has undergone specialised training, you can be assured that your car will be in "good hands". For years, "Execuwash" has been a trusted source for keeping vehicles looking their best. Starting as a small business, we have grown to being a solution for many clients who are looking for quality and service. We are passionate towards detail car care, and can assure our clients a special service that sets us apart from our competitors. With a dedicated team, clients can enjoy the peace of mind of having their vehicles cared for in a secure environment. Clients also have the opportunity to special benefits and rewards that no other car wash can offer. As part of our extended service we offer a pickup and drop off service. Execuwash has been appointed the distributor of the Mothers Car Care Range in Cape Town. Contact us for Specials on the Mothers Range of Products. Execuwash are a level 4 waterwise Business. We are one of a few , approved by the City of Cape Town. We use only steam machines which is approved by the City of Cape Town. Conventional methods of cleaning a vehicle such as pressure washing or hand washing push dirt into the clear coat and paint. Steam methods utilizes vapor-steam technology. Using “dry” vapour steam produced by the Optima Steamer, a practiced operator can clean the exterior of a typical passenger car with as little as 3.7 Liters of water and can do it in as little as 15 minutes (obviously your results may vary from car to car). Not only is a steam car wash a way to conserve water and pass regulations. The “dry” vapour steam uses a small amount of water to produce big powerful sanitizing effects. The Optima Steamer can be used on interiors too. It replace tons of the expensive and toxic chemicals other car washes use. So with the Optima Steamer, We offer exterior and interior cleaning with a higher level service.


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