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The day I bought my first car I couldn’t wait to get it home, so that I could clean it up myself. I thought that whatever the car looked like now wasn’t what it really was, even though it was already “clean”. If I could get it home to clean it up I would unveil what was really there. The next day I got out whatever car cleaning products I had and got to work. It took me an entire day just to wash the car, no polish, no wax, no clay bars, nothing special except the connection I would create between myself and my new car. I got to know the car, I found every flaw. I wasn’t trying to find things I didn’t like, I just wanted to know my car, imperfections were simply signs of character at this point. I still feel the same way, bringing out the best in your vehicle can show you what it really is. The only difference now is that I have a more refined set of skills that help me revive character. I don’t just have a passion for cars, I am passionate about what I can bring out in them. What you drive is irrelevant, how you feel is important. Whether it’s an exotic, classic, economical daily driver or any other car, it is still your gem, regardless of value it is priceless to you. We understand that and we will treat every client and their vehicles the same way. Every car deserves the highest standard of detailing we can deliver. Most importantly we believe that cars are made to be driven. Our goal is to educate and assist drivers on proper maintenance and protection, bringing out the best in their vehicles and enhancing the driving experience. Each car is unique and will require a


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